MTH Premier Flat Car with 2 Pup Trailers – Old Home Bread


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  • Road Name: Chicago North Western
  • Road Number: 44137 & 44139
  • Product Line: Premier
  • Scale: O Scale
  • High Rail Wheels
  • In stock: Delivered August 2022
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  MTH Custom Run / MTH Special Run

The trailer-on-flatcar, or TOFC, concept appeared in 1926 when the Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee began experimenting with the concept transporting specially designed truck trailers on modified flat cars.  In 1936 the Chicago Great Western was the first standard railroad to adopt TOFC.  In the 1960 TOFC, also known as “piggyback,” gained significant momentum with many Class I railroads using the service.

Pup trailers were invented by CF Corporation in the early 1950s. A variety of trailers existed before then, varying in length due to length laws, usually from 20 to 28 feet in length. Their length was standardized to 28 feet in the early 1980’s.

Metz Baking was founded in 1922 by Henry Metz Jr. in downtown Sioux City, who made Old Home Bread.  More than four decades have passed since C.W. McCall first pulled his 18-wheeler into the Old Home Filler-Up an’ Keep-on-a-Truckin’ Café. A series of 60-second commercials created for the Metz Baking Company chronicled the romance between a truck driver for Old Home named C.W. McCall and a gum-smacking truck-stop waitress called Mavis. The commercials traced their early infatuation at the Old Home Filler-Up an’ Keep-on-a-Truckin’ Café to a date at the drive-in movie with Mavis’s mother along as a chaperone.

C. W. McCall obituary


  • Intricately Detailed, Durable ABS Body
  • Colorful, Attractive Paint Scheme
  • Metal Wheels and Axles
  • Die-Cast 4-Wheel Trucks
  • Fast-Angle Wheel Sets
  • Needle-Point Axles
  • (2) Operating Die-Cast Metal Couplers
  • Scale Kadee-Compatible Coupler Mounting Pads
  • (2) Removable 20′ PUP Trailers
  • 1:48 Scale Dimensions 
  • Unit Measures: 14 1/2” x 2 1/2” x 4 1/2” 
  • Operates On O-42 Curves

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 12 × 21 × 2 cm

20-95504, Car No. 44137, 20-95505, Car No. 44139


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