Atlas O Master – 40′ Wood Reefer, Lucky Lager


M.T.H. Authorized Retailer Berwyn’s Toys & Trains in Berwyn, Illinois.

  • Road Name: General American Refrigerator Express (G.A.R.E.)
  • Atlas Item No.: 3001570
  • Road No. 60197
  • Product Line: O Master
  • Scale: O Scale
  • High Rail Wheels
  • Estimated Release: In Stock



    Atlas Custom Run / Atlas Special Run

The coming of the railroad changed the way America ate and drank. Before the iron horse connected every town of any importance to the outside world, most food was grown or produced locally. The arrival of cheap, fast, refrigerated transport – in the form of the wood sided reefer with ice bunkers at each end – enabled local brewers, diaries, meat processors, and other food businesses to become players on a national scale.

Famed railroad historian John H. White referred to reefers as “the most conservative of all American freight cars,” as reefers retained wood frames and sides long after other types of cars had converted to steel construction. Steel reefers became common only after 1940, and many wood reefers ran well into the 1960s.


  • Highly detailed ABS body 
  • Separately-applied ladders, grab irons and die-cast metal stirrups 
  • Separately-applied door hinges, handles and latches 
  • Opening doors 
  • Separately-applied opening roof hatches, hinges and latches 
  • Die-cast underframe 
  • Separately-applied brake system and vertical brake shaft 
  • Separately-applied coupler lift bars 
  • 40-ton Bettendorf-style, die-cast sprung trucks with metal wheels 
  • Die-cast articulated couplers (3-rail) 
  • Minimum diameter curve (3-rail) – O-31


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