• Visionline

    Lionel has been celebrated for it's ability to create the most innovative, ground-breaking model trains in the world. In keeping with this proud heritage, Lionel introduced Visionline, the most authentic, technically advanced line of train products ever made. The products offered in this "Gold Standard" collection includes scale locomotives with more mechanical and operational realism than any you've ever seen.


  • Standard & Traditional O Gauge

    Lionel covers all the bases of your O Gauge needs with their Standard O Scale which includes steam engines, motorized units, diesel engines and freight cars and the traditional O Gauge units including Post War reissues, train sets, locomotives, freight cars & operating Cars.

  • Postwar & Vintage Trains

    Throughout the Postwar era Lionel sold a wide assortment of products to leading national retailers, including Sears, who alone catalogued more than 60 Lionel item. Many of the items sold to retailers were unique and never catalogued by Lionel, making some of them quite rare and collectable today.

  • Trackside Accessories

    Lionel has a large selection of anything you might need to fill out your layout. Crossing gates, trestles and bridges, sheds, and buildings. The Artisan Collection is made with an artisan's eye for detail and a handcrafted style of workmanship. Artisan Collection structures and buildings feature a higher level of accurate detail. Operating accessories have always been a major part of O Gauge layouts.

  • FasTrack System

    Offering innovation, variety, ease-of-use, and a fantastic prototypical look, the FasTrack system brings your Lionel layout to life like never before. Flawless performance and endless flexibility make it appealing to first-timers and seasoned pros alike. FasTrack switches raise the bar in performance and features for maximum enjoyment of your trains. Build the layout of your dreams today!



    With the same bulletproof design and realistic appearance as our standard FasTrack switches, these can be activated with your CAB-1 or CAB-2 remote controller. Also, multiple command control switches can be programmed to activate in sequence for easy route operation.

  • Control Systems

    Lionel provides the model railroading fan all the controls you need to get your rolling stock moving. We carry remotes, transmitters and transformers needed to run your layout.

At Berwyn's Toys & Trains, we have a large selection of current Lionel train sets and accessories, vintage Lionels of the 1940's, 50's & 60's. We also repair Lionel trains, so if you have a 50 year old Lionel that you would like to see around the Christmas tree, bring it in! We have all the track and transformers needed to revive your old set.

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